How was born Decodelire?

While travelling throughout Argentina, Jerome gets to know Gus who is a young designer from Buenos Aires University.

Jerome asks Gustavo to come and draw in France.

This great idea must have been seen like crazy for Gustavo relatives. But they both couldn’t miss such an exciting project.

And there they are! With a brand new range of products. Decodelire was born in February 2004.

Within a few weeks, decodelire has been ready to grow. That’s how their collections appeared inch by inch on the French market, approved by the clients.

Every year, they have fun creating new colored, sweet ranges. Some people even call them “Tokyo European” stylish bags.

Today decodelire bags can be seen in Europe, Canada, Japan, Africa, South America. Although decodelire is quite a small company, it enjoys gathering raves of fans from all over the world.

Decodelire puts all its efforts to share this amazing adventure and let people enter into this unique universe.

We wish you take part in this adventure very soon through our collections…

Terms of Business Metropolitan France

GENERAL TERMS OF SALE 2009 decodelire ® - EXPORT

<font size="+2" color="#3BABA1"><b>1. General</b></font><br>
Exportation: every country but continental France.<br>
These terms are valid till the 31st of December 2010.<br><br>

<font size="+2" color="#3BABA1"><b>2. Account opening</b></font><br>
The account opens when decodelire receives your:<br>
<li>Postal address </li>
<li>Phone number</li>
<li>Bank account details</li>
<li>VAT number</li>
<font size="+2" color="#3BABA1"><b>3. Offer</b></font><br>
The terms of sales are deemed to be accepted when the buyer has signed the Pro forma invoice or paid the total amount by bank transfer.
<font size="+2" color="#3BABA1"><b>4. Price</b></font><br>
The prices are to be considered as EXW (departure Neuilly sur Marne, France). Prices are VAT-exempt. Carriage is exclusive and may be indicated in the offer. Any extra fee due to customs duty, VAT upon arrival, is to be paid by the buyer.
<font size="+2" color="#3BABA1"><b>5. Oder and terms of payment</b></font><br>
The minimum amount per order is 250[SIGLEEURO]. Distributors, wholesale please contact us.
The buyer receives a Pro forma invoice which enables him to pay his purchase. Complete payment is due in Euro, by bank transfer before shipping.
The final invoice is sent to the buyer after receipt of the total amount by post, e-mail or fax.
<font size="+2" color="#3BABA1"><b>6. Carriage</b></font><br>
The buyer may benefit from a carriage-paid invoice from 550[SIGLEEURO]-order in Europe.<br>
Under 550[SIGLEEURO], carriage is calculated on weight and destination. The buyer may choose to deal with the carriage. Outside Europe please contact us for any transport quotation.
<font size="+2" color="#3BABA1"><b>7. Delivery</b></font><br>
Shipping dates are estimated only and are indicated in the Pro forma invoice. They can be confirmed after validation of the carrier by phone, email, or fax.
<font size="+2" color="#3BABA1"><b>8. Receipt, responsibility</b></font><br>
The goods are shipped under the responsibility of the carrier. However it belongs to the purchaser in the event of damaged parcel to refuse it, or to make all the observations necessary to the conveyor by unpacking the material at receipt of the goods, or to inform decodelire within 48 hours. Otherwise, the purchaser has a 15 days deadline to unpack his goods and to address any complaint on the apparent defects or non conformity of the product delivered, to decodelire by registered letter or assimilated.
The buyer cannot ask decodelire for damages in case of delivery delay.<br>
Decodelire is not responsible for any delay due to one of his supplier, or Force Majeure.<br>
All documents needed by the custom are sticked on the parcel. Please ask us for any lack of document at receipt.
<font size="+2" color="#3BABA1"><b>9. Forbidding</b></font><br>
It is not allowed to retrocede the goods without decodelire’s written agreement. It is not allowed to sell the goods on the internet or markets without decodelire’s written agreement. 
<font size="+2" color="#3BABA1"><b>10. Patent right</b></font><br>
The brand and pattern belong to decodelire®.
<font size="+2" color="#3BABA1"><b>11. Language</b></font><br>
These terms of sales exist in French and English and can be shown to the buyer on his demand.
<font size="+2" color="#3BABA1"><b>12. Applicable</b></font><br>
For its interpretation and execution, the contract is subjected to the French law. In case of a dispute or if no amicable agreement can be reached, the French law will govern the case.


I discovered your bags while I was in Cap d’Agde. I loved it so much, I bought 4 of them!!!!!


Bright, fresh, so cute. I feel like I’m a teenager again! Virginie 30 years old.


Hi, I’m in love with your products.


Hi, it was such love on first sight when I saw one of your bags on a woman next to Orleans. I dared asking her the brand name on the tag of the bag!!!


I discovered your products 2 weeks back and honestly, there are superb! I’m 22 and crazy about the style. I already bought a bag and a pouch. I’m eager to see the whole collection. Warmly. Mrs LANDAIS


I love the originality of your products!


I’m a big fan of your bags, wallets, purses, and Decodelire items are just great. I can't wait to get the catalogue and pass an order. Regards.


Hi, I fell in love with the grey laptop bag!!!


I love your bags! Where can I get one in Paris? Please answer soon!

A won over Client

Hi! Indeed I received my order. Sorry for being so impatient… I couldn’t resist wearing those beautiful bags forthwith. I suggested your website to my friends and colleagues. I think they already passed orders. Take care. I will be sure to visit your website regularly to check what’s new. Goodbye.


We are glad to welcome you on our new website.

Hereafter you will find our latest collections,
new items, new characters, some pictures,
our team and also your messages!

Let's discover our whole range of products
all year long: bags, fashion accessories,
colorful and innovative items.

We hope you will like our products
as much as we do.

See you soon, and have a nice stroll!

Legal Notices

Société et informations sur le site
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